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Battery material drying engineering

Project Name: Battery Material Drying and Organic Solvent Recycling Project

Project Overview:

  With the rapid development of global new energy and new materials, new battery materials in the field of widely used batteries have also become an emerging field, which will rapidly develop in recent years. The production process requires revolutionary auxiliary equipment to complete, and specialized equipment for battery materials has also emerged.

  Based on the relevant characteristics of battery (electromagnetic) materials (lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, etc.), two drying series equipment of SZG double cone rotary dynamic vacuum drying unit and FZG square vacuum static drying unit, as well as an efficient recovery device for volume recovery, were used. After practical application by many customers, sufficient usage data has proven that this equipment can fully meet the drying requirements of the product and has stable quality, Moreover, it has excellent performance in solvent recovery and high recovery efficiency.

  This system includes a heating system, a hot medium circulation system, a drying system, a dust filtration system, a solvent recovery system, and a vacuum system.

Working principle:

  The raw materials are pumped into the drying tank of the drying machine, and the heating medium is transported to the heating interlayer of the drying machine through a pipeline pump. The raw materials are heated by obtaining heat through the drying machine wall, and gradually carried away with moisture under the action of the vacuum system to achieve the drying purpose; In the stage where the raw materials are approaching drying, a special bag filter is designed to collect some powder to prevent it from being pumped out by a vacuum pump; The organic solvents contained in the raw materials are condensed through a special condenser in the second stage, resulting in an overall recovery rate of over 95%.

Engineering advantages:

  The drying process is carried out under negative pressure conditions, so even if it contains organic solvent medium, the process is still very safe and the drying speed is fast. The drying time for each batch of products is about 4 hours; The drying process is carried out under reduced pressure conditions, and the set drying temperature is relatively low. The vacuum pump is always working continuously, so the product quality is stable; The system has been designed with a specially designed bag filter, so there is no dust flying; The large area cooling of the secondary condensation device results in high solvent recovery rate; The heating device can be heated by hot water, steam, or thermal oil; Special bag filter for easy disassembly and cleaning; The entire unit has fewer transmission components and does not operate under strong load conditions, therefore the unit has a long service life.

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