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Changzhou Jiafa Granulation and Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. invites you to participate in the 10th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition, December 1-3, 2022 | Shanghai New International Expo Center

  Changzhou Jiafa Granulation and Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. Booth No.: Hall E7 C10

  In 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "14th Five Year Plan" biobased economy Development Plan, which puts forward new requirements for the development of the bio fermentation industry and gives it a new mission. The bio fermentation industry has broad prospects and huge potential.

  The 10th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition (BIO CHINA) will be held from December 1-3, 2022 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, hosted by the China Biological Fermentation Industry Association and hosted by Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. BIO CHINA has now become an annual industry event for the bio fermentation industry. The exhibition will focus on food (dairy products, functional food, wine and beverages), food additives, medicine (vaccines, antibiotics, proteins, etc.), cell engineering, genetic engineering, biological drugs, chemicals, Chinese medicine, biological pesticides, biological fertilizers, fermented feed, traditional fermentation, chemicals (fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.), daily chemicals New products, new technologies, new equipment and new processes in the industrialization of various production, processing, testing equipment and related auxiliary equipment required by production enterprises such as bio resource extraction and bioenergy are the main contents of the exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is "giving play to the role of an engine to achieve high-quality development", promoting the integrated development of upstream and downstream industries, exploring international and domestic markets, and promoting the stability of the supply chain of the bio fermentation industry chain, Further consolidating the foundation for the transformation of a major country in biological fermentation into a powerful country. In order to better cater to the development of the industry and help biological fermentation related enterprises seize market opportunities and challenges, we will provide online and offline international trade negotiation space for the entire biological fermentation industry chain, assist in the innovative development of the biotechnology industry, and welcome the new blue ocean of the biological industry.

  The International Biological Fermentation Exhibition has always adhered to and practiced the development spirit of openness, inclusiveness, and win-win cooperation, expanding cooperation and advancing hand in hand with various enterprises in the industry. This conference has received strong support and participation from industry brand suppliers. We look forward to working together to seek development and create a new chapter of win-win cooperation!

  The biological industry market is rapidly rising, and BIO CHINA 2022 is helping enterprises develop in new directions. This exhibition has four distinctive exhibition areas: "Bioengineering Exhibition", "Biopharmaceutical Exhibition", "Biotechnology Exhibition", "Biochemical Instruments, Laboratory Equipment and Consumables". The exhibition covers an area of approximately 40000 square meters, with over 800 industry enterprises participating. The exhibition will share over 45000 professional buyers, providing support for the innovative development of the biotechnology industry, A platform has been established for technological exchange, promotion of cooperation, expansion of upstream and downstream trade, and enhancement of brand and enterprise awareness between the biological fermentation industry and upstream and downstream industries.

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