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The 9th International Biofermentation Exhibition 2022- Resumption, Revitalization! Victory can be expected, looking forward to getting together! Global Focus on Jinan on July 14th!

  Changzhou Jiafa Granulation and Drying Equipment Co., Ltd., booth number: Hall 2 C06, welcome new and old customers to visit our booth for guidance!

  Fermentation experts gather to empower the development of the industry, and the 2022 International Biological Fermentation Exhibition opens in Jinan in July

  The world's three major biological fermentation exhibitions, one of the biotechnology exhibitions and bioengineering exhibitions, and the annual biological fermentation entire industry chain conference - the 9th Biological Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition (Jinan) and Biological Industry Series Exhibition in 2022 were grandly held from July 14 to 16, 2022 at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (No.1 Rizhao Road, Jinan). BIO CHINA 2022 aims to build a global biological fermentation industry chain, The exhibition features the theme of "technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing", providing a one-stop solution for intelligent manufacturing in the biotechnology industry.

  The biological fermentation industry is one of the strategic emerging industries that Shandong focuses on developing. In order to better cater to the development of the industry and help biological fermentation related enterprises seize market opportunities and challenges, this exhibition will provide online and offline international trade negotiation space for biological fermentation suppliers, showcase the strength and economic benefits of their own brands, and assist in the innovative development of the biotechnology industry, welcoming the blue ocean of the biological industry.

  This exhibition has ten characteristic exhibition areas: "Biological Fermentation Products and Raw Materials", "Biological Fermentation Technology Equipment", "Probiotic Products and Fermentation Functional Products", "Biological Engineering Equipment and Technology", "Biochemical Instruments, Laboratory Equipment and Consumables", "Advanced Biomedical Technology Equipment", "Biopharmaceutical Exhibition Area", "Craft Beer and Technology Equipment Exhibition", "Corn Deep Processing Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition" The "Pharmaceutical Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition" covers an area of approximately 40000 square meters, with over 800 industry enterprises participating. The exhibition will share over 45000 professional buyers, providing assistance for the innovative development of the biotechnology industry, and building a platform for technological exchange, promoting cooperation, expanding upstream and downstream trade, and enhancing brand and enterprise awareness for the biological fermentation industry and upstream and downstream industries. 

VIP/buyer group

  Biopharmaceuticals, biological feeds, biochemical instruments, beer drinks, natural extracts, pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, vaccines, etc.), biological products, bioengineering, fermentation engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, biopesticides, veterinary drugs, bio fertilizers, biochemistry, microorganisms, food additives, vitamins, probiotics Visits and attendees from R&D technology departments, procurement, and company leaders in industries such as fermented products (amino acids and organic acids, starch and starch sugars, yeast and derivatives, enzyme preparations, and fermented functional products), food and beverage, alcohol, scientific research institutions, testing and service institutions, etc!

Concurrent meetings

  With the continuous rise of the biotechnology industry market, fermentation equipment, as an important link in the production process of the biotechnology industry, continues to expand in market scale, and technological processes are constantly upgrading, bringing more market opportunities for fermentation equipment. At the same time, it also has higher requirements for equipment performance, providing a one-stop solution for intelligent manufacturing in the biotechnology engineering industry.

·2022 China Biofermentation Industry Conference and Biofermentation Nutrition and Health Industry Summit Forum

·2022 Bioactive Functional Sugar Nutrition and Health Forum

·2022 Probiotics Health Industry Development Forum

·2022 Forum on Amino Acid Nutrition and Health Industry Development

·Establishment Conference of the Biological Fermentation Beauty Ingredients Branch of the China Biological Fermentation Industry Association

·The Third Member Representative Conference of the Functional Fermentation Products Branch of the China Biological Fermentation Industry Association

·Establishment Conference of the Biological Fermentation Drug Branch of the China Biological Fermentation Industry Association

·2022 Key Enzyme Enterprise Symposium

·2022 Enzyme engineering and Biocatalysis Forum

·2022 Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process Development Summit

·The 7th International Fermentation Medium Application and Development Forum in 2022

·2022 Biofermentation Industry Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Innovation Forum

·2022 National Craft Beer Development Summit Forum

·2022 China Agricultural Waste Recycling Fermentation Technology Development and Application Seminar

·2022 Compressed Air Dual Carbon Energy Saving, Supporting the Biofermentation Industry Summit Forum

·2022 Forum on the Development of New Technologies, Processes, and Equipment for Biological Fermentation Wastewater

·The 6th Biofermented Feed Technology Innovation and Nutrition Summit Forum in 2022

·2022 Biopharmaceutical Enterprise Process Development and Quality Control

·2022 Forum on Modern Ocean Engineering and Biomanufacturing

·2022 Forum on "Bioagriculture and Microecosystem"

·2022 Corn Deep Processing Summit Forum and Starch Sugar (Alcohol) Technology and Equipment Development Summit Forum

Deeply discuss the commercial possibilities of the biological fermentation industry in the new era from different dimensions and industries, and interpret innovation opportunities and paths.

Traffic routes

1. Self driving: Please exit from Jinan West (G3 Beijing Taiwan Expressway towards the south) and navigate to Jinan West Convention and Exhibition Center, which is about 8 kilometers away.

2. Urban transportation:

·Jinan railway station, walk to Tianqiao South Bus Station, take bus k7 → Zhangzhuang Road, 2nd Ring Road West Bus Station, walk

·Take bus k9/k90/k98 from Jinan railway station to the railway station bus station on foot → transfer at Lashan Interchange bus station at the same station → get off at BRT7 to Rizhao Road, 2nd Ring West Road on foot

·Jinan railway station, walk to the railway station, take bus k156 → Jingshi Road, Yingshi West Street, transfer at the same station → BRT7, get off at Rizhao Road, Erhuan West Road, and walk

·Jinan railway station: walk to the railway station and take bus k83 → transfer at the bus station of Kuangshan Community → take bus T17 and get off at Rizhao Road, 2nd Ring West Road

3. High speed rail route:

  Jinan West Exhibition is 3 kilometers away from Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center, and takes a 7 minute taxi.

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